Having the support of a solid and reliable company that manages your investment in Florida is of vital importance. Knowing that by being present they will be able to respond immediately to the needs or emergencies of the tenants. The administrator can respond in case of repairs, maintenance or any eventual emergency.

What is the role of a property management company?

The role of property management is to coordinate and manage all the details of the property including:

  • Manage payments: insurance, mortgages, utilities, taxes, maintenance fees.
  • Coordination of professional maintenance services: repairs, cleaning, etc.
  • Submit monthly financial reports and coordinate with assigned accountant for tax returns and profit and loss results.
  • Management of insurance estimates against floods, accidents, third parties, etc.
  • Logistic management of rent: collection, monitoring, selection of potential tenants, sending certified notifications, reminders of payment or expiration of the contract and supervision of legal eviction if necessary.

What is the monthly cost of this service?

The cost for this service is approximately 10% of the value of the monthly rent.