South Miami borders the main campus of the University of Miami and the cities of Coral Gables and Pinecrest. It is known for its leafy residential neighborhoods, parks, and a vibrant downtown filled with historic buildings, restaurants, and unique shops. The city center is a popular shopping, dining and entertainment venue with a small-town feel. Every day in South Miami the sidewalks are filled with students, youth and college students, families and young professionals who call this area home.

The city of South Miami is spread over 2.3 square kilometers and is home to approximately 11,000 people.

This is a sector that is very much born is that your government is very focused on reconstruction and growth.

In April 2005, the Historic City of South Miami Preservation Board received an award for achieving a historic designation for the Cambridge Cespedes District of South Miami. The houses were built in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s and this is the first area with this designation.

They have also recently revitalized the downtown area and are creating more and more incentive programs to attract businesses and new sources of revenue. The current median income for South Miami is approximately $43,000.00 per year with an average value of around $170,000.00.

This is an emerging neighborhood with a city commission with an eye toward redevelopment and growth.

Visit this area for its family-owned restaurants, a mix of chain and independents, a movie theater and outdoor mall, and local hangouts like nail salons, exercise studios and jewelry stores. This all-ages, family-oriented area has a casual Miami vibe and is well worth a visit for a quiet afternoon.