In South Florida there are many institutes that have managed to place their students in the best universities, according to an investigation by PolarisList.

Among the institutes in the region that have sent the most students to Harvard, Princeton and MIT are the Stoneman Douglas Institute in Parkland, the Palmetto Senior Institute in Miami and the Pine Crest Institute in Fort Lauderdale.

All of these schools have a strong commitment to academic excellence and provide their students with the resources and support they need to succeed at the highest level. Additionally, all of these schools have highly experienced and knowledgeable counselors who are trained to help students navigate the college admissions process. Therefore, it is not surprising that these schools have been so successful in sending students to the best universities.

PolarisList found 19 of the Florida schools on this list and the leading high school in the state had 29 students enrolled at the listed institutions. This indicates that South Floridians do not need to travel far to find high schools that will give their students a good chance at a great university.

Notably, this list included 16 public schools.